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The officer positions are elected in September each year and serve two year terms. The President and Secretary positions are up in odd years, the Vice President and Treasurer are up in even years. In addition to the traditional officers we have many leadership positions that coordinate specific activities. The responsibilities of each position are listed below. Currently we have an opening for Secretary, contact Ken Stites if you are interested and have questions.

If your time to volunteer is more limited consider helping with any of the activities. The Rod Run is our biggest event and we need help parking cars, setting up tents, selling t-shirts, registering entrants and tearing down. It is easy to be in the show and be a volunteer.

Our next most labor intensive activity is grilling at the Tuesday evening Cruise-In, considering taking a week and bringing a salad or working the burger grill, contact Vickie Stites, she would love the help.

If you would like to volunteer your shop for a club meeting or garage tour contact Ken Higgs. There are lots of ways to be involved and they are all important to the success of the club.



President - Ken Stites

  • Sets the overall goals and direction of the club based on member feedback
  • Establishes a budget for the year
  • Organizes and facilitates meetings
  • Responsible for communication to club members
  • Responsible for the Rod Run

Vice President - Dave Lemons

  • Assists President and is training to become the next President
  • Stands in for the President at meetings and events when they are not available
  • Responsible for Rod Run fund raising; sends letters to potential sponsors, coordinates follow-ups until we hit our goal.
  • Holds a leadership position

Treasurer - Jana Gregersen

  • Checks the PO Box, deposits all incoming funds, pay the bills of the club, reconciles the bank account monthly
  • Provides treasury report at business meetings
  • Files annual tax return

Secretary - Patty Fisher

  • Maintains record of decisions and action items at business meetings
  • Provides report at business meetings

Leadership Positions


Tuesday Cruise-In - Organizes and coordinates the Tuesday Cruise-in’s during the season,  May to September.  Vicky & Ken Stites 752-6147

Cruise Coordinator - organizes and facilitates the club cruises.  Currently we have a Spring Cruise, Cruise for Cash at the Rod Run and a Fall Cruise.  Wayne Walker 674-8634 and Rick Brown

Garage Nights / Tours - Organizes and coordinates the Garage Nights and Tours.  We try to hold our business meetings at a member shop or sponsor business when possible.  In addition we have been doing a Saturday garage tour each year that runs an afternoon. Wayne Fisher 751-6989 and Rich Barney 751-4449

Website - Updates the website throughout the year.  Bob Gates 672-2473

Facebook - Manages the clubs Facebook page, promotes upcoming events on Facebook and coordinates the activities of a group of Facebook Contributors who can take pictures and post info from the actual events.  Maggie Randall.  Booge Hartman and Ken Higgs are contributors

                                                      CELEBRATING OUR HISTORY

Dan Bilyeu 87-95

Gerald Brantz 96-97

Tom Lopez 98-99

Terry Rivard 00-01

Mark Wells 02-07

Scott Calkins 08-11

Bob Gates 12-18

Ken Stites 19 - present


     Dan Bilyeu*

     Steve Songer*

     Gerald Brantz*

     Bob Mullinax*

     Sam Cotton*

     Terry Olson*

      Dennis Johnson

      Kip Bethurem

      Tom Lopez

       Rod Gifford

       Rick Browne

       Dave Nelsen

       Bob Carson

      *Board Members